Our ideation and brainstorming sessions help teams and business units get together and leverage their own ressources to define the direction of innovative projects​.

We lead the creation, the delivery and the management of innovative consumer experiences.



Down-to-earth strategic approach, design thinking and execution become critical as businesses pursue their journeys through a “consumer centric” age of commerce.


“Laust Labs will navigate across multiple business units within an organization to lead the creation, the delivery and the management of innovative consumer experiences.”




Simon Lauzier’s rich background, his 25 years of retail experience, his unique skill set and executional range lends to his firm’s exceptional capacity to operate any given mandate.


Prior to launching his firm, Simon led the ALDO Group’s “Store of the future” initiative. He quickly came to realize that the modern retail world was in dire need of well-rounded leaders who could perfect and implement innovative ideas and initiatives from conception through implementation.




Laust Labs helps organizations such as Reitmans, Aldo, Bouclair, Genesco, Wirkn, Mosaic and many more, improve their business results by changing how they deal with internal and external customers in the context of technology and innovative processes. 


Laust Labs’s all-star team and partners are deeply passionate about all major components of commerce. Understanding that sales, operations, human resources, eCommerce, customer service, supply chain, distribution, buying, finance and marketing must all be leveraged to achieve substantial results. 


Laust Labs’ ultimate goal: always over-achieve and over-deliver.




Laust Labs’ immersive, non-disruptive and adaptive approach is strongly supported by an unmatched skill set and irrefutable capacity to deliver any CX initiative.


Through exhaustive research, worldwide technology watch, design thinking, various ideation methods and inspiring brainstorming workshops, we quickly advance the business’s substance, making an impact through strategy, UI/UX, marketing, community, policy, business development, and various other disciplines.




  • Deeply understand and align with your company’s vision. 

  • Provide strategic, operational and creative range.

  • Execute flawlessly with minimal direction and guidance. 

  • Boldly spearhead innovation while managing change.

  • Produce ambitious work with limited budget and resources. 

  • Provide perceptive and insightful guidance.

  • Continuously demonstrate competence and good judgment.




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